landlord gas safety inspection certificate

As a landlord, it's your legal duty to provide your tenants with a gas safety certificate. Failing to do so could result in prosecution should anything go wrong. Here at Afterglow not only can our engineers carry out the gas inspection. We also provide a free reminder the following year a month before your inspection is due as we understand how hard it can be trying to keep on top of things. 

What is a landlord gas certificate?

a landlord gas certificate can only be carried out by a gas safe registered company. It's to ensure the safe operation of all gas appliances in the house. We also inspect pipework where possible and carry out a tightness test to be sure there are no gas leaks. The testing of appliances may include stripping down of appliances to inspect its condition. it will include gas rating and checking correct operating pressures and using a flue gas analyzer. We will also be checking if ventilation is adequate for the appliance and checking the flue condition This will not include servicing the appliance. 

How much does it cost

We charge £80 plus VAT for boiler plus hob or cooker. Gas fires are an additional £20 plus VAT.

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