Ravenheat used to have a pretty bad name in the industry. And amongst some engineers they still do but that's only because they are stuck in their ways and haven't given the new products a chance. If I'm 100% honest I too was one of them engineers, until I was called out to do an annual service on a Ravenheat WH80 boiler. At first, I was really impressed with how quiet the boiler was, in fact, it was so quiet I actually thought it was turned off. After removing the case I was surprised to see that the whole boiler was made using really high-quality components, and for a boiler brand, I had always associated with cheap and nasty and unreliable this came as a real surprise. So to start with, the pump was a Grundfos, the same pump that can be found in Worcester Bosch boilers and other leading manufacturers. The main hydro block and diverter valves were all brass and copper, this to me is better than what some of the leading manufacturers are using as most of them have moved to plastic to save money. The gas valve is made by Honeywell, again another premium product that you would expect to see in a more expensive boiler.

Now as if having all these premium quality parts wasn't enough I found when servicing the boiler it was probably one of the easiest boilers to work on, that I had ever come across. After removing the front and two side panels in about 3 minutes, every part inside the boiler could be accessed with great ease, the printed circuit board can be clipped up out of the way when working on the water carrying parts, the expansion vessel can be accessed easily for service or removal. Obviously,  Great thought had gone into the design of this boiler. 

So after I finished servicing the boiler I got home and it was playing on my mind, it was time to do some digging. I needed to know more about the product "had my customers been missing out" in short yes they had. I first started by looking into the price. This was a boiler that could be purchased for less than £600 inc VAT with the boiler, flue and clock and it comes with a five-year warranty. This all seemed a bit too good to be true.

Social media and Ravenheat.

So my next step was to have a look on social media and see what people were saying about Ravenheat. I found a group for engineers who install Ravenheat boilers. This group was great, I was able to get more information about the boilers as well as technical support from people who work for the company. This gave me a lot of faith in the company and the product, as having contact with them and seeing their staff helping engineers out of hours through this group, is something that other manufacturers just don't offer. 

After speaking to other engineers who install these boilers on a daily basis,  it seemed that myself and my customers really had been missing out. These boilers were well made, cheap as chips, had fantastic customer support, manufactured by a UK company and easy to work on.

time to start selling some Ravenheat boilers!

So after finding out so much about the company and the product, I was confident to sell these boilers to my customers. We only ever recommend a product that we know is good enough and not going to tarnish our reputation with our customers and we've not been disappointed. We have now installed a good few of these boilers and only had one problem, so we called it into the Ravenheat HQ. The guy on the phone was super helpful and after running through some basic checks with me, he offered to send an engineer out, to which I agreed and asked how long, expecting him to say tomorrow. To my surprise he said we can get our repair engineer out in the next 20 minutes. I can honestly say I have never had back up from a boiler manufacturer like I get from Ravenheat.

These boilers are now flying off the shelves and our customers love them and I'm yet to come across another boiler in that price range that is as good.

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