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Ravenheat boiler deal

Our cheapest combi boiler deal ever

The Ravenheat white heat 90 is our entry level boiler and comes with a fantastic 5-year manufacturer's backed warranty. And Ravenheat has a fabulous reputation with heating engineers for their customer service. Below are some of the key features of the boiler.

  • SEDBUK A Rate
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Innovative Low Energy Consumption
  • Large Digital Visible Temperature Adjustment
  • Exceptionally Quiet in Operation
  • User-Friendly Touch Controls, Simple and Easy to Use
  • Integral Valve Kit Eliminates Unsightly Valves Outside the Boiler
  • Compact in Size – 700mm High, 400mm Wide, and 300mm Deep
  • Built-in Deep Seal Condensation Trap Designed to Reduce Nuisance Freezing in Winter
  • Flexible Condensation Pipe Conveniently Located After the Trap
  • Manual and Automatic Air Vent Allows Air Out of the System More Easily When Commissioning
  • Brass and Premium Branded Components for Lasting Quality
  • The High-Density Foam Lining of the WH90 Keeps Heat In and Allows for Quiet Operation
  • Removable Side Panels
  • Built-in Automatic By-pass
  • Low NOx Class 5 Meets New Stringent Building Codes
  • The Weather Compensator Option Makes the Boilers Perfect for New-build Projects
  • Solar Compatible
  • Minimum Low Power of 3.6kW Further Reduces Energy Cost
  • Greater Energy Saving Through the Appliance Modulating
Price of the boiler

So to have this boiler supplied and fitted by one of our gas safe registered engineers. Including a magnetic filter, a standard flue and chemical flush prices start from £1180 PLUS VAT. terms and conditions apply boiler must be installed on an external wall with flue direct to the outside and comply with manufacturers instructions.

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