Boiler Repair in Birmingham


There is never a good time for the boiler to pack up. But with our fast response promise, we aim to have it up and running within hours of you making the call. We charge a £75 plus VAT diagnostic fee, that covers the first hour and if it's possible to fix within that hour with no parts there will be no extra cost. 60% of boilers are fixed within the first hour. It would be crazy not to give us a call. don't be cold this winter. We also will offer free advice over the phone this could mean a call out may not be required. As it could be something simple like low pressure on your boiler that may just need topping up.

Why is my boiler not working?

Before making the call there are some things you can check yourself. Is your hot water working but central heating not? if you have a remote wireless programmable thermostat check the batteries. It's simple but we get these calls every week.  Is neither your hot water or heating working? check the pressure display on your boiler is it on 0 bar? if so use the filling loop to top it up. if its loosing pressure regularly though give us a call there may be a problem that needs a professional and qualified engineer to look at. A regular boiler service can help maintain a boiler to prevent simple faults developing in too much bigger ones. 

Our gas safe registered engineers are fully insured and qualified to work on your gas boiler. Call today for your boiler repair.

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