Baxi 800 review 825, 830, 836


Following on from the great success of the baxi 600 range, baxi have now brought out its latest offering. Which is of course the 800 series, this boiler is identical to the 600 but comes with a fantastic baxi backed 10 YEAR WARRANTY!!!!! And a FREE ADEY MAGNACLEAN. It’s available as a combi boiler in a 25kw 30kw and 36kw and system boiler but we are still awaiting outputs on them.


Over the years baxi boilers have devolved a nick name in the industry of bullet proof, so it comes as no surprise that actually internally these boilers aren’t a whole lot different to its predecessor the duotec. BAXI have just reworked this modern classic to be smaller, quieter but more intelligent when it comes to energy saving when installed in conjunction with smart controls. It still uses the same high quality  stainless steal heat exchanger. It’s stuck to using the reliable brass hydraulics, instead of moving to the cheaper plastic alternative that the likes of  Worcester Bosch  have shifted towards to save money. I think this really is they key to baxi’s success. To date we have fitted 85 of the baxi 600 range boilers with not one call back which puts me in a good position to say to our customers 600 or 800 boilers are going to be a boiler you can rely on to get you through the cold winters. 


It’s fair to say replacing a boiler can be a big expense, especially when it come as an unwanted surprise. Obviously with ten year warranty boilers they’re never going to be the cheapest on the market, at the end of the day your paying for ten years of after care on the appliance. And as long as its been serviced baxi will provide you with that aftercare. Having said that I think this range is coming in at a reasonable price, so if we are just talking boiler and filter we’ve found starting prices of £750 plus VAT for the 25kw boiler. 


ABSOLUTELY!!! I can’t imagine many jobs where the wont be a 800 series boiler suitable. Wether its a large house that uses a system boiler linked up with unvented cylinder or a smaller house suitable for a combi. Who  wouldn’t want a ten year warranty boiler, with great aftercare at a reasonable price.

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