Combi boiler cost

There are many things to factor in when it comes to a new combi boiler. Is it a replacement of an existing boiler? If your boiler is a regular boiler with a cylinder there is more work involved in the job as there is more pipework involved also there is a vary good chance that the system will need a power flush. We find nine times out of ten the water quality is usually pretty poor on old open vented systems. And the waterways in combi boilers are pretty small, if the systems not flushed properly it wont be long before your getting problems with your new combi boiler. Another thing to consider is the position of the boiler. if the boiler flue can go out directly out the wall horizontally this is a good thing. its going to save you quite a bit of money on flue fittings. Things to consider with this though is do you have clearances from openings in the building ie windows and doors or air vents. if your flue needs to run through a roof this can sometimes put up to £400 on to the job. if scaffolding is required it can cost even more. Also what size combi boiler are you going to need you can get boilers from 24kw that would be suitable for a small house or flat with one bathroom and not much hot water needs, right up to 40kw for your bigger  with more than one bathroom but to be honest weather this kind of boiler is suitable is questionable there are other things to consider like incoming water pressure/flow rate. Also if you are going to be needing a bigger kw rated combi boiler there is a good chance the gas supply will need upgrading to a bigger size pipe to give adequate gas pressure at the appliance. Also with advances in modern technology  have meant an introduction to smart controls to the industry. like nest and hive. These in my opinion are fantastic giving the end user complete control of their central heating from their smart phone. Also using technology like open therm to save energy and money. These controls would put between £200 and £300 on to the price of the job. compared with a standard programmable thermostat which  cost between  £100 and £200. So as you can see there are quite a lot of things to factor in when having a new combi boiler. So we can only give a rough guide to what the job will cost without looking. 

Our jobs can start from around £1400 including vat for a small budget boiler in a small property with standard controls right up to £3000 for a top of the range boiler with smart controls in a larger house. The best thing to do would be for us to come out and look at the job to give a fixed price quote. You can use the contact us form to arrange your free quotation.