How much damage can leaky pipes cause?

The plumbing in your home requires maintenance, in order to perform optimally. When there are signs of leaks or damages, you must act as soon as possible. A plumber may need to be hired for emergency assistance. If left untreated or undetected, there could be major damage to your house and there could be substantial costs involved. Even small water leaks, left untreated, could result in high amounts of damage and costs. 'Afterglow' can offer plumbing assistance in the Solihull area.

Looking out for leaks

One of the best ways to lower costs, is to keep an eye out for potential leaks. The sooner you can identify a water issue, the smaller its impact will be on the drywall, flooring and fixtures.

There are signs you can look out for, which will indicate there is a problem with your plumbing. For example, low water pressure, slow draining, or a change in the water colour often signal plumbing problems in the shower; signs your bathtub plumbing could be damaged include: excess water on the floor; damp walls- hours after the bath was run- and loose tiles on the tub surround, and finally kitchen sinks could show signs of plumbing problems when there is discoloured water, or when a rattling noise is made.

Leaking water

Water leaks can cause damage to several areas within your home.

If left unattended, plumbing leaks can cause damage to your walls. When pipes running behind the walls start leaking, or burst, they moisten the drywall. This moisture eventually makes its way through the walls and produces wet spots. If wet spots are noticed, and you sport persistent wetness or identify a musty smell, there is a chance you could have a leak. You will likely need a professional to fix the problem. If the leak is still in its early stages, the repairs should not be too great, and only a section of the drywall should need replacing.

However, if the problem is ignored, the moisture could eventually lead to black mould. This will then require large wall sections to be removed, and you will need the services of a mould remediation company. This can then be very expensive.

Water not only damages walls but, can also be a problem for your floors. As water always flows downhill, any leaks in kitchens or bathroom will pool on and under your floors. You should therefore, be on the lookout for loose tiles next to the bathtub or shower in the bathroom, and see if there is any water on the floor after a bath or shower, which has not appeared as a result of splashing or spills.

Warping or discoloured floorboards, in your kitchen, especially near dishwaters or fridges, could also be signs of concern.

Any of these signs will incur costs, as the leak will have to be fixed and the affected area cleaned and possibly replaced. The sooner you resolve the problem, the less damage and the less costs. For example, it is relatively cheap to replace tiles. However, it will be significantly costly to replace the sub floor of the bathroom, if this has been damaged.


Leaks, or water quality issues can also cause damage to fixtures, such as sink taps and shower heads. Sometimes these could stop working, or could lead to severely reduced water pressure. If untreated, these fixtures will probably need replacing.

Reducing Costs

Plumbing issues can cause a lot of damage. It can result in the lost of possessions, and can lead to significant financial costs.

To reduce the costs, homeowners must keep an eye out for potential plumbing problems, and make sure they act upon noticing any of the aforementioned signs.  If these signs are noticed you should consider hiring a professional as they can assess the level of damage, make the appropriate repairs and stop the problem, before it worsens. The sooner a plumbing leak is tackled, the less damage and thus, costs will result.

Need a plumber in Solihull?

We receive calls of concern regularly, so if you ever notice any of the signs mentioned above, and feel you may require a plumber, please do not hesitate to get in contact here.