What’s involved in having a new boiler?

What’s involved in having a new boiler?

Everyone understands how important boilers are when it comes to keeping a home warm, but what isn’t as clear is what actually goes into installing a new boiler. Here’s what you need to know for the next time you have a new boiler…

Specialising in new boilers in Solihull, here’s a step by step process

What goes into a installing a new boiler?

The first thing is to find a Gas Safe registered engineer to take care of the work. It is important for homeowners to note that any work that is carried out the UK that handles gas must be handled by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This is not a choice, this is the law and for good reason as gas can be such a dangerous substance if installed incorrectly.  

What’s right for you?

When reaching out to your engineer, remember to take note of anything that will help him get an understanding of what kind of boiler will suit your needs. If you live in house where you need to supply water to multiple locations without any loss of pressure, such as if two people need to shower at the same time in the mornings then let them know. It’s also a good idea to fill them in on any information on your previous/current boiler. This can give your engineer an idea of what to expect which save you time in the long run.

What to look for?

Give your engineer a time that suits you for the job survey. It’s not good if you have to be rushing around because boilers can be costly, and your engineer will want to listen to everything that will help you make the right choice. During the survey, they will check that your boiler is in a position that complies with current regulations. If this isn’t the case, they will help you understand this is important and find locations that can work.

The next step is explaining what is best for your home. We already mentioned this slightly, but every home is different so it’s important that you get a good understanding of what is best for your home and have that explained to you in a way that makes sense. An engineer should then explain the costs and give you an easy-to-understand quote that takes in account every aspect of the job.

From there, if you are happy with everything then organise a start date that works for both you and your engineer and they can get to work!

Need a new boiler in the Solihull area?

If you have any questions about what boiler type is right for you or already have a good idea and need a Gas Safe engineer to install one for you, get in contact with us on 07826 924452 or fill in the contact form here on our website.