How often should i get my boiler serviced

My boiler is only a year old does it need a service?

In short yes. Its really important to have your boiler serviced even if its only a year old. Pretty much all boiler manufacturers will not honour the warranty if the boiler has not been serviced and the service book or service certificate is not filled in. Its really important to check the safe and efficient operation of the appliance. We have been out to boilers on their first year service and found them not working safely and had the manufactures visit for a free repair.

Whats involved in a boiler service? Is a service the same as a repair?

We often get called out to boilers to service them to find that the boilers don't work at all. And it seems quite a lot of people get confused between a boiler service and a boiler repair. Well there is a difference actually. A service is when a heating engineer will attend a working boiler and perform safety checks make adjustments if needed to match what the manufactures require in the servicing manual. They may clean out the appliance depending on age or condition and will check combustion results using a flue gas analyser. Sometimes depending on what the manufacturers instruction recommend a replacement gasket mat be required if the main burner has been removed to clean out the main heat exchanger.

A boiler repair is exactly what it sounds like. If the boiler is faulty its not a service. its really important you tell the engineer this when creating a booking so we can allow enough time to carry out a repair or if possible bring the parts with us for a first time fix.

How much does a boiler service cost in Birmingham

The price of a service can vary quite a bit across the country. We regularly check with local competitors and it seems that £60+vat seems about average. This doesn't include any replacement gaskets they would be priced depending on what boiler you have.