Ideal Boiler repair Birmingham l2


Afterglow Plumbing & Heating Limited's Birmingham plumbers carry out boiler repairs in Birmingham and Solihull.

Ideal boiler repair
The L2 ERROR code on ideal logic and ideal vogue boiler is becoming quite a common repair in Birmingham for our local heating engineers. It can be a few parts that can cause this issue and ideally the boiler would needed to be tested with a multi meter by a qualified heating professional. Reasons that tend to cause the error code on this boiler can be a blocked Condence pipe. This would be the plastic pipe off the bottom of the boiler. It may go outside and could be frozen in the winter months or connected into a sink waste that can be blocked. Usually with a blocked Condence pipe the boiler makes a gurgling noise when trying to start up. Another issue can be low gas pressure, this can be incorrectly sized pipework or the gas meter regulator sticking or someone turning the wrong valve off under the boiler. A common part that our plumbers replace to repair this fault is the spark generator. When this fails the boiler will not light at all when you try to reset it. All these issues require specific tests by a gas safe registered engineer to determine which part has failed in the boiler.

If you have a property in Birmingham that needs a boiler repair, because you have an l2 fault code on your ideal. contact Afterglow Plumbing & Heating Limited today and one of our trained plumbing and heating engineers will attend to get your boiler repaired today.

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