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HI, we thought it would be a good idea for us to start posting honest reviews of boilers we've installed. Including the good the bad and the ugly. We will try to cover the quality of the products, efficiency, manufacturers warranty as well as response times from manufacturers when there are problems with a boiler and how they deal with it. So have a good read and let us know if you have any questions you would like answering.

Ideal vogue 32 kW combi boiler we installed in Birmingham.

So to get us started we are reviewing the ideal vogue combi boiler. We have installed quite a few of these boilers now and i cannot fault them. They are an extremely well made boiler and all our clients that have them are  happy with them. The 32 kW we installed today can deliver 13.1 l/minute hot water flow rate. And the central heating can modulate down to 4.6 kW and go up to 26kw. so it suits a medium to large size house. When it's running you have to listen really carefully just to be sure that it's running, which has to be a good thing.  These boilers come with an 8-year warranty that will be increased to ten if an ideal magnetic filter is installed. Ideal has said that this boiler is built using premium parts which is why they are so confident it will last, which is really nice for homeowners to have piece of mind that they have a quality product keeping them warm and if something was to wrong it would be fixed without having to put their hand in their pocket. I cant fault ideals customer care too when we have had problems with some of the ideal logic boilers, they have been out next day to fix it. The controls that come with this boiler are pretty good too and they also come with a 10-year warranty. They have a wide range of controls with basic on off controls analogue and digital and open therm and ideal have plans to release a smart control to work with it. The digital display on the boiler is great for installers and service engineers as it can give a clear guide to the boilers fault history making repairs quick and easy to diagnose, the display also flashes up a service reminder so the customer can see when its due.


So from a service engineers perspective, these boilers are an absolute dream to work on. There's so much space inside for easy access to parts. And the main heat engine can be stripped down and cleaned within 10 minutes. And to me this is really important, we come across too many boilers out there that aren't stripped and cleaned regularly and it does cause issues further down the line. 

from an end users point of view, it's nice to know that repairs aren't going to take long because how easy these boilers are to work on, saving you money on repair bills.

ideal vogue price

The price of these boilers I would say is very reasonable we paid £986 including vat for the boiler only. which is a small price for such a great boiler.

Our thoughts

So, on the whole, i would score the ideal vogue 9.5 out of ten. And the only reason it's not a 10 is that they haven't released a smart control for it yet. This is a boiler that I would definitely have in my own home. Well done ideal you broke the mould when making the vogue. For more information or for a free quote contact us today.