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Hi, this is our first blog of many. We just wanted to run you through some of the questions you should be asking when considering having a new boiler. Having a boiler replaced can come at quite an expense especially when it comes at a time when you weren't expecting it. This is why we believe it's a decision that you really need to give some thought. Do your research on the brands of boilers that are out there.  Here at afterglow, we recommend brands to people all over Birmingham that we know we can rely on. As the last thing we want is to be installing boilers that are going to have us going back all the time with problems and disappointing our customers by recommending a product that isn't up to our high standards. But it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to spend big money to get good a good quality boiler. Our entry level boilers are Ravenheat. These come with a fantastic 5- year warranty as standard. We fit many other premium brands including Vaillant, BAXI, Worcester Bosh and Atag.

Boiler Installation Birmingham

Another thing to look at is controls. In days gone by boilers had pretty basic controls. Now we are in the digital age we are finding more people asking for smart controls such as the nest learning thermostat. These controls connect to the Internet and can be controlled from anywhere using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. These controls can bring you massive savings on your energy bills. You can also use weather comp or open- therm controls that lower the flow temperature of the water that's flowing around your system which will keep your home at a more comfortable temperature. But more importantly, enables the boiler to be much more efficient and keeps it in condensing mode for much longer periods. 

Lastly is water quality. I would say about 75% of boiler breakdowns that we are called out to are caused by bad water quality. It is absolutely essential when installing a new boiler you ask your plumber how he will be cleaning your heating system.  One of the reasons for this is if your new boiler breaks down and it's caused by a water issue the manufacturer will not honour the warranty on that boiler. Power flushing is one way that you can ensure that your new boiler won't develop any faults caused by sludge in the system. Also installing a magnetic filter on the return pipe coming back into the boiler. These work by catching any metallic Particles before they enter the boiler. We advise using the Magna clean pro 2 filter as we find that cheaper brands just aren't up to the job.

So these are some questions you should be asking when choosing a new boiler. I hope this helps. 

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