Reasons to Hire a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

From installing a brand new boiler to undertaking an annual boiler service; whatever the service, you should hire a Gas Safe registered engineer... 

Why should I hire a Gas Safe registered engineer? 

Gas Safe engineers have the appropriate qualifications and the necessary experience to undertake work on your gas appliances. 

Safety is a Priority 

Safety should always be at the top of your priority list when looking for an engineer to work on the gas appliances in your home! Why? Gas appliances can be dangerous and have the potential to leak carbon monoxide - They can even start a fire or explode if not installed by a professional engineer. Hence, when you're looking for gas work to be carried out in your property, you should hire a Gas Safe registered engineer as they have the qualifications and knowledge to undertake work safely and install/service gas appliances to a safe standard.

Quality Workmanship 

Quality of workmanship is also something to consider when hiring an engineer to look at your home's gas appliances. What does this mean? Simply put, the Gas Safe register requires all work that's carried out to be installed to their high standards. When you hire a Gas Safe engineer you can have complete confidence that all work carried out will meet all recommended safety standards. 

In addition to this, Gas Safe registered engineers have their work regularly checked to ensure that the best standards are met. 

Customer Satisfaction 

In addition to the safety and quality of the installation, satisfaction is something to consider when hiring a gas engineer. As previously mentioned, Gas Safe registered engineers have the qualifications and experience to carry out these services, meaning satisfaction with their work for the customer. On top of this, the Gas Safe register makes it easy to report any problems you have experienced; as do we at Afterglow Plumbing & Heating Ltd in Birmingham. 

Looking for a Gas Safe engineer in Birmingham? 

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