Why a combi boiler may not be right for you

Why a combi boiler may not be right for you?

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We practically cover all aspects of the industry from plumbing repairs to boiler replacements. When we provide new boilers, we often get asked for advice on the different types. Combi boilers are most popular but they are not for everyone… So please continue reading, to see if they are right for you!

Combi Boilers

What are combi boilers?

Combination (aka combi) boilers are now the most common choice of boiler in the UK. Unlike conventional boilers, they can offer instant heating to your radiators and hot water. They also do not require a storage cylinder. Therefore they can fit in most kitchens, or storage cupboards. This makes them ideal- and so are particularly popular- for small houses with limited space.

Is a combi boiler right for me?

As mentioned, combi boilers are the most popular choice at the moment. They offer several benefits. Their compact size is particularly appealing. Without all the extra components you can easily find a convenient place to store your boiler. This will mean your loft can be left free for other storage items! They are also fairly easy and quick to install. Also, hot water is always available, whenever you want it, so there is no risk of running out and waiting for more. Finally, water pressure stays high, even after long periods of heavy use.

There are some things you will need to consider though, when deciding if a combi boiler is right for you. Your mains hot water pressure will need to be tested to make sure you have enough pressure to meet your needs. Combi boilers are perfect for small homes with single bathrooms. However, they will struggle to meet demands of larger families and households. They cannot really supply multiple taps simultaneously.

So, if living in a larger household, a combi boiler probably wouldn’t be right for you. You would likely be better suited to either a conventional or system boiler.

Conventional and system boilers

Conventional (also known as regular boilers) are ideally suited to homes, which already have a traditional heating and hot water system. These boilers need a cold water storage tank, and this is typically stored in the loft.

They could be the best choice if you are replacing an existing conventional boiler, or if the property is older. This is because your house may not be able to cope with the higher water pressure that combi and system boilers delivers.

System boilers need a cylinder for storing hot water. However, unlike conventional boilers, the major system components are built into the boiler itself. This makes it easier and quicker to install, and takes up less space. There is no need for a tank in the loft, which can be a bonus for houses with little or no loft space. These boilers are also compatible with solar water heating systems. So, they can offer environmental benefits along with the benefits to your energy bills.

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